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The report titled “Male Toiletries in Europe”, provides a comprehensive analysis of European male toiletries, leading players, factors affecting the growth of male toiletries, availability of male toiletries in Europe, latest trends in male toiletries, and future of European male toiletries.

Industry Overview: Europe men are invested heavily in male toiletries to improve their appearance. There is a growing metrosexual trend in Europe that has led more men to perceive grooming as essential to their daily fashion requirements and style. Men’s styling and grooming market has witnessed a growth in the recent years because men are becoming beauty and image conscious. It was observed that there was an expansion in male toiletries from traditional shaving products, deodorants, basic bath and hair care products to premium cosmetics such as concealers, skin whitening solutions, sunscreens, and anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products.

Men Toiletries Products, Leading Vendors, Availability and Affecting Factors: Men’s toiletries include men’s bath products, shower products, shaving products, fragrances, deodorant, skin care products and hair care products and Europe accounts for the second largest share of the sales after Americas. The increase in population, better living standards, and increasing spending on personal hygiene products are few factors affecting the male toiletries market in Europe. Manufacturers are introducing a broad range of sun protection and anti-aging creams for men along with night skin care products. Night skin care creams promote cell growth, reduce dark circles and pigmentation in men and there is a huge demand for such products. There is a huge demand for night skin care products, sun care products and anti-ageing creams in the male toiletries market. Male toiletries in Europe are available at hypermarket, supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores, and specialty stores. The leading vendors in the male toiletries market are BullDog, Beiersdorf, LOréal, P&G, Shiseido, and Unilever.

In Europe, more men are experimenting with personal care products that they make them look healthy. The development of male toiletries is driven by consumer health consciousness, societal pressure to always look handsome, and changing attitudes. This trend has encouraged skincare products, scrubs, moisturizers, and anti-aging creams to improve their quality, appearance, confidence and personal wellbeing. European men attitude towards masculinity is driving the male toiletries market with more number of men accepting various personal care products for a healthy look. Many men in the country feel that personal care products, such as moisturisers and face wash products, improve their self-confidence by making them feel better about themselves without negatively impacting their manhood.

Latest Trends in Male Toiletries: Leading brands in men’s skincare in Europe are Bulldog, followed by Nivea for Men and Gillete which are close competitors. Bulldog Skincare for men is the major men’s skincare brand driving growth in the European market. Bulldog has launched Age Defence Eye Roll-On that helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Urbanization and heavy pollution are the major concerns for the growth in men’s toiletries. Manufacturers in Europe are focussing to avoid certain controversial ingredients, making processes and opting for sustainable packaging to help reduce carbon footprint. With shorter beard styles to emerge in the fashion trends, there would be a demand for quality razors, aftershave balms and shaving creams.

Future of Male Toiletries in Europe: Overall, the European male toiletries market will continue to grow with the demand for toiletries as more men are experimenting with complex personal care products. The male toiletries industry will need to offer products that promote the wellbeing and health in ways that appeal to men who are still not attracted to the industry. It was observed that there would be a rapid growth in the male toiletries due to consumers demand for various products that reflect changes across fashion, wellness, social media and culture. The increase in consumers’ disposable income, more men attracted towards toiletries, new dependable products and new trends in fashion are likely to drive the growth of European men’s toiletries market over the next few years.


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