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Cosmeceuticals products are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients with medical or drug-like benefits. Cosmeceuticals are used in the treatment of acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, and skin aging and hyper-pigmentation. In the field of cosmeceuticals a lot of research is being carried out by the cosmetic companies and they are investing heavily in R&D which is more similar to a pharmaceutical company. L’Oréal skincare products such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products are gaining global popularity in cosmeceuticals category because of the increase in aged global population. The elderly population wish to improve the visible damage to the skin caused due to aging, ultraviolet radiation and other environmental factors. Also, the global younger generation is using the anti-aging, skin whitening, massage products and anti-wrinkle products to prevent signs of aging. The report titled “Cosmeceuticals: Global Trends in Market Entry Strategies, Regulatory Framework, Next-Generation Products and Technologies”, provides a comprehensive analysis of global cosmeceuticals products, applications of cosmeceuticals products, leading vendors in cosmeceuticals products, various cosmeceuticals products, availability of cosmeceuticals products, and future of global cosmeceuticals products.

Research innovations on cosmeceuticals products are carried out with the help of advanced technologies such as nanotechnology and plant stem cell technology. These developments and introduction of new active ingredients in cosmeceuticals products will surely aid in the growth of the global cosmeceuticals market. Almost all the cosmeceuticals manufacturers are highlighting the specific pharmaceutical ingredients and clinically proven facts on the products. The countries consuming more cosmeceuticals products are US, Japan and China because most of the population are aged and more interested in beauty.

With the awareness in global health and wellness trends, there are few vendors manufacturing cosmeceuticals products that are integrated with medicinal and therapeutic solutions. Various new ingredients such as peptides, marine ingredients and extracts from plant stems are used in the manufacture of topical skincare products. Major cosmeceuticals products in the global market are anti-aging, facial serums, face oils, and skin lightening products. There is a growing demand for natural and organic cosmetics which will have a positive impact on the global cosmeceuticals. Manufacturers are making their products affordable to the consumers with skin care as the largest product category in the global market.

Availability, Products and Leading Players in Global Cosmeceuticals Market: The leading vendors in the global cosmeceuticals market are Beiersdorf, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido and Unilever. The other prominent vendors in the global cosmeceuticals market include Amway, AVON Beauty Products, Burberry, INVERSIONES AVI AMERICA, Chanel, Chatters Canada, Clarins, Combe, Conair, Coty, Edgewell Personal Care, Henkel, Helen of Troy, Johnson & Johnson, Kao, LVMH, Mary Kay, O Boticário, Revlon, Tom’s of Maine, and World Hair Cosmetics (Asia). The various cosmeceuticals products are haircare cosmeceuticals, oral care cosmeceuticals and make-up cosmeceuticals. Almost all the cosmeceuticals products are available at the specialty stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, spas, e-commerce, cosmetic stores, convenience stores and drugstores. Global cosmeceuticals market has witnessed highest revenue generating due to the increasing popularity of beauty and cosmetics specialty products which are driving the growth of the market.

Future of Global Cosmeceuticals Market: Cosmeceuticals market is growing rapidly due to huge demand on a global scale. The major growth drivers in the global cosmeceuticals market are demand for innovation, rising consumer awareness, emerging markets, e- commerce power and few dominant players. Global cosmeceuticals market has few growth barriers such as competition with regional brands, competition from organics products, and availability of counterfeit products, poor perception, and unclear regulatory and legal framework. Majority of the global consumers are physician-recommended for cosmeceuticals products and organic cosmeceuticals which indirectly has witness massive growth in the recent years and the growth will continue over the next few years.

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