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The agriculture sector is a major driven factor for Indian economy. India’s agricultural sector is also a largest producer of spices, tea, cashew, pulses, maize, wheat, rice, cotton, fruits and among others. Agri-Tech is generally defined as an ecosystem of players leveraging technology to offer the products or services in order to augment the overall efficiency, yield, and profitability of for farmers across the industrial value chain. Agri-tech is a long overdue industrial revolution driven by new or pragmatic technological advancements for instance data analytics which helps in precision agriculture and farm management for instance services offered by start-ups strives to improve the productivity through insights on weather & soil health, data modeling to guide the optimal resource allocation, and risk models to forecast the credit profiles for farmers.

As per analysis, India Agritech Market Outlook to FY’2025-By Nature of Services (Input Market Linkage & Farming as a Service, Supply Chain, Post Harvest Management & Output Market Linkage, Precision Farming, Advisory & Analytics and Agri Fintech) a variety of business models has emerged to tackle the opportunities in the agricultural space, which are Engineering led-innovation model, Downstream ‘farm-to-fork’ supply chain model, IoT or Big Data-led innovation model, Upstream marketplace model and .Downstream ‘farm-to-fork’ supply chain model. Apart from this, industry players and many new startups are now leveraging the technology for instance data digitization, SaaS, machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) to make the agriculture industry more efficient.

Based on nature of services, India Agritech market is segmented as supply chain, precision farming, advisory & analytics, post harvest management & output market linkage, input market linkage & farming as a service and agri fintech. Precision farming, advisory & analytics include some startups such as Intello Labs, BharatAgri, FarmERP, Satsure Analytics, Fasal, Cropin, Agricx and Yuktix Technologies. Post harvest management & output market linkage includes some start-ups including Waycool, Farmlink, Samunnati Agro, Arya Collateral Crofarm, Ninjacart, Dehaat, Agrowave and others. Input market linkage & farming as a service includes some start-ups including EM3agriservices, Agrostar, Gold Farm, Thanos Technologies, Gramophone, Bighaat, Dehaat and others. Poultry & dairy tech includes some start-ups such as Stellapps, Mr. Milkman, Country Delight, Mooofarm, Eggoz, happy Cow Dairy, Milk Mantra and others. Additionally, Agri FIntech includes some startups such as Ergos, Farmart, Gramcover, Jai Kisan, Origo Finance, Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services, Farmart, Aryadhan Financial Solutions, and others. In addition, based on region, market is segmented as Delhi NCR, Gujarat, Karnataka, Haryana, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and others.


In India country, future of Agri-Tech industry is bright, which has one of the most cultivated land and country’s economy is also dependent on it. With major population in the rural area involved in the agriculture practice through various agri-tech startups, farmers can produce a huge amount of agricultural produce if cultivated & managed properly. Moreover, country’s climate and diverse geographical landscapes are favorable for high scope of agriculture. With an increase in start-ups emerging in the agri-tech space a sun awaits to help the farmers to increase the productivity & efficiency by using digitalization. With this lies a great opportunity of the change in the agriculture economy. Additionally, it can also decrease the wastage of water & food products owing to in adequate storage systems.

India Agritech Market (Basis Revenue):-

India Agritech Market Segmentations

By Nature of Services, FY’2019-FY’2020 (On the basis of Revenue)

Input Market Linkage & Farming as a Service (FaaS)

Supply Chain, Post Harvest Management & Output Market Linkage

Precision Farming, Advisory & Analytics

Agri Fintech

By Region (On the basis of No. of Agritech Startups)



Delhi NCR


Tamil Nadu




Agritech Startups Covered:-

Input Market Linkage & Farming as a Service (FaaS)




EM3 Agriservices

Gold Farm


Thanos Technologies

Supply Chain, Post Harvest Management & Output Market Linkage

Samunnati Agro



Arya Collateral





Precision Farming, Advisory & Analytics


Satsure Analytics

Intello Labs




Yuktix Technologies



Agri Fintech

Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services

Origo Finance



Aryadhan Financial Solutions


Jai Kisan

Poultry & Dairy Tech

Milk Mantra

Country Delight


Happy Cow Dairy


Mr. Milkman


Key Target Audience:-

Agritech Companies

Input Manufacturing Companies

Venture Capital Firms

Independent Investors

Industry Associations

Rural Banks & NBFCs

Government and Regulatory Bodies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: FY’2019-FY’2020

Forecast Period:  FY’2021-FY’2025

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Agriculture Overview, Agri Exports from India & Productivity Scenario

Demand Analysis, Farmers’ Scenario & Pain Points of Farmers

Need Analysis of Entities in Agribusiness Value Chain

Overview and Genesis of India Agritech Industry

Agritech Operating Model & Services Offered

Trends and Growth Drivers in the Industry and Challenges Faced

India Agritech Market Size and Segmentations, FY’2019-FY’2020

Investment Analysis of Agritech Industry

Government Initiatives, Agri Reform Laws 2020 & Public Private Partnerships

Industry Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Cross Comparisons between Agritech Players in Different Segments

Future Market Size and Segmentations, FY’2020-FY’2025F

Covid-19 Impact on the Industry, Future Trends & the Way Forward

Analyst’s Recommendations

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India Agritech Market

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