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Artificial flavours are added to food products to stimulate or impart a characteristic taste of choice, flavour, to modify an already existing flavour, and to guise some undesirable flavours of a food product. Cheese, yoghurt, milk, cream, cream cheese, butter products, and sweets are few dairy products where artificial flavours are used to improve taste. Few botanical flavours, such as elderflower, ginger, mint, hibiscus, and campari provide fruity flavour and deliver unique aroma notes to foods and cocktails. The report titled “China Artificial Flavours Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, provides a comprehensive analysis of Chinese artificial flavours market, artificial flavours in food manufacturing industry, leading payers, applications, effects of artificial flavours, and future of artificial flavours in China.

Tremendous growth in food and beverage industry, technological innovations in manufacturing procedures, and consumers’ awareness in health & wellness trend are the major factors driving the artificial flavours industry in China. The introduction of functional food products, rise in demand for recognizable and authentic artificial flavours in industries, such as dairy and frozen products has witnessed a growth in the artificial flavours market. Premiumization trend, rise in consumers’ disposable income, stringent government regulations, side effects of artificial flavours are limiting the growth in this market. Consumption of dairy, bakery, and beverage products is very high in China and provides high potential for the artificial flavour market to expand.

Leading Players and Applications: Artificial flavours are categorized into food grade and feed grade. Food grade refers to human edible foods using artificial flavours and feed grade refers to the animal feed. Usually, artificial flavours are used in food making process either at homes, restaurants or at any other food manufacturing units. The leading players in Chinese artificial flavours market are Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Symrise, Takasago, Sensient Flavors, Mane SA, T.Hasegawa, Frutarom, Robertet SA, WILD, McCormick, Synergy Flavor, Prova, Apple F&F, CFF-Boton, Huabao Group, Bairun F&F, Chunfa Bio-Tech, Tianning F&F, Artsci Bio and Baihua F&F.

Artificial flavours are in demand in the savoury & snacks segment.  Modernization, change in eating habits, demand for unique flavours, exotic flavours and unusual flavour combinations in fruits has led to a demand for the artificial flavours in Chinese market. Almost all the chemicals utilized to make artificial flavours are sourced from petroleum and other volatile chemicals which have an adverse effect on human body such as thyroid, RNA, and enzymes. They also cause numerous problems such as dizziness, nervous system depression, chest pain, fatigue, allergies, headaches, brain damage, nausea, and seizures.

Future of Artificial Flavours Market in China: The demand for package foods and increasing working population in China are the major factors fuelling the growth of the artificial flavours in the bakery additives market. Another type of artificial flavour is the floral flavour that offers distinct flavours with various health benefits. Floral flavours consist of elements such as anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. They aid in improving the taste and aroma of food and beverages but do not add any extra calories. The applications of advanced technologies in food industries has led to innovative and novel tastes in food that cater to the change in customer taste requirements. This trend will witness a steady growth in the artificial flavours in the Chinese food manufacturing market over the next few years.

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