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A complex chemical used as a metabolite with high oxygenation properties, Azadirachtin is a chemical compound belonging to the limenoid group. The chemical is mainly found in neem seeds and is used for a wide variety of purposes. Azadirachtin is widely used in the sector of insecticides. The chemical is also used in growth inhibitors as it is found to affect a wide variety of insects (over 200). There is a growing need for effective pesticides that can ward of insects and minimize the damage to plants. As it is a natural component of neem, there has been increasing demand for varied application of Azadirachtin owing to the sudden market growth.

The Asia Azadirachtin Industry Research Report covers and analyzes the market for Azadirachtin and its growing impact for future industries, particularly highlighting the impact on farming and agriculture. The market for Azadirachtin has been split by product between Solvent Extraction, Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Microwave Extraction. The second basis used for the segmentation of the market is the application area. This splits the market between Personal care products, De worming products and others.

The market for Azadirachtin focuses on manufacture and sale of Azadirachtin and its derivatives in various parts of the Asia Pacific region, namely China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The competition scenario is also extensively broken down with a thorough analysis of the impacting factors, the value of the channels used for the manufacture and sale as well as comprehensive breakdowns of the important factors in assessing the significance of a company in the Azadirachtin industry. The major players under focus in the report are Yu Rong Chang, Green Gold, Agro, Ozone Biotech, Vanashree, Yash Chemicals and The Himalaya Drug Company.

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