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High Demand of PVC pipes for underground pipe network and drinking water facilities coupled with industrial upgradation, sales channel widening and increasing exports were the key factors driving growth in China PVC Pipe and Fittings Market.

Chinese PVC pipe market is very attractive with opportunities in the potable water supply, wastewater supply, agriculture sector and chemical sector. China has been promoting urbanization of villages and construction of infrastructure has increased consumption of PVC pipes in the country. China majorly witnessed increasing prominence of PVC-O, PVC-C and PVC-M pipes owing to better lifecycle and better product quality of these PVC pipes.  It is predicted that the penetration of PVC pipes in wastewater treatment, gas, heating, communications and mining sectors will witness a fast increase in the near future owing to the increasing demands.

PVC pipes’ resistance to the corrosive effects of the soil they are buried in and the effects of the water and wastewater transported through PVC pipes are key elements to their success. Increasing consumption of PVC pipe in gas distribution and increasing use of large diameter plastic pipes with increasing trenchless technology in construction industry have been major growth drivers for PVC pipes and fittings market in China. China’s PVC pipe manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas and economically developed areas and with the promotion of the western development in recent years and the implementation of water conservancy projects such as safe drinking water and water-saving irrigation, some coastal and economically developed regions are trying to consolidate competition in the market.

The report titled “China PVC Pipe and Fittings Market by type of pipes (Chlorinated PVC Pipe, Regular PVC Pipe, Plasticized PVC Pipe and Fittings), by application (Oil and Gas Sector, Potable Water Supply, Wastewater Supply, Electrical and Telecommunication Cable Protection Pipes, Agriculture Sector, Chemical Sector) – Outlook to 2022by Ken Research suggested that repair and replacement of aging pipelines will result in market growth at a positive CAGR in revenues in China PVC pipes and fittings market in next 5 years till 2022.

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