South Africa Seed Market is led by Increase in Local Consumption of Seeds, Increase in Net Farm Income and Gradual Growth of Food and Seed Export to African Countries: Ken Research


South Africa Seed market size, market segmentations by open pollinated, hybrid and genetically modified seeds, by crop type (wheat, soybean, oats, sorghum, barley, dry bean, maize, ryegrass, triticale, vegetable seeds), by market structure (organized and unorganized market) and by market source (domestic production and exports). The report also covers market in different aspects such as decision making parameters to choose a seed producer, trends and developments, issues and challenges, SWOT analysis, regulatory scenario, market share of major seed producers, recent industry activities and opportunities, company profiles of major seed producers (DuPont Pioneer, Rijk Zwaan, Monsanto South Africa, Pannar Seed (Pty.) Ltd., Sakata Seed Southern Africa (Pty.) Ltd., Syngenta Seed South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.) in seed market. The report provides detailed overview on future outlook & projections with analyst recommendations for the industry.

  • Seed market in South Africa has been supported by increase in local consumption of seeds and crops along with gradual stabilization of seeds and food export to other African countries.
  • Increase in net farm income coupled with development of newer varieties of seed and increase in trade across the globe will lead to market growth in upcoming years.

South Africa seed market is expected to show promising growth over the next five years on account of gradual increase in consumption within the country and export of seeds and crops to other African countries. The SADC countries are fast growing markets and a great opportunity for the seed market of South Africa. Efforts by South African National Seed Organization (SANSOR) to increase the international trade across the globe by active representation at international platform and subsequent promotion will substantially boost the international export and benefit the South African seed market.

Major players such as DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto, Pannar, Syngenta, Sakata and others are continuously innovating and developing newer seeds with higher crop yield and greater resistance to diseases. Such improvements in the Research and Development sector with industry friendly government policies will result in future market growth. The companies are expected to increase their production gradually and in line with the increase in demand of seeds from other African countries.

Ken Research in its latest study, South Africa Seed Market by (Open Pollinated, Hybrid and Genetically Modified Seeds), by Crop Type (Wheat, Soybean, Oats, Sorghum, Barley, Dry Bean, Maize, Ryegrass, Triticale, Vegetable Seeds) – Outlook to 2022, suggests that demand for seeds in the South African market will grow at a modest rate owing to increase in local consumption of seeds and crops along with growth in export of food and seeds to African countries.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • South Africa Seed Market Research Report
  • South Africa Seed Market Size
  • South Africa Seed Demand In 2017
  • Competition South Africa Seed Industry
  • Major Crop South Africa Seed Market
  • Market Share Of Major Players In South Africa Seed
  • South Africa’s Agronomic Seeds Exports
  • Future Outlook For South Africa Seed
  • South Africa Seed Future Growth Expected
  • Hybrid Seed Demand South Africa Seed Market
  • Gm Seed Demand South Africa Seed Market
  • Dupont South Africa Revenue From Seed
  • Pannar Seed Production South Africa
  • Sakata South Africa Market Share
  • Rijk Zwaan Sale Seed South Africa Market
  • Monsanto South Africa Market Share Seed

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