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The Financial Brokerage market was effectively witnessed in an increasing stage wherein the market observed slow growth throughout the review duration of 2013-2018. Throughout 2013-2015, a decrease in growth rate was witnessed across Indonesia Financial Brokerage market owing to the external aspects of slowdown across Chinese economy, placing of boundaries on funds borrowing by Federal Reserve and capital flight from Indonesia’s region which led to augmenting the interest rates by the Bank of Indonesia. The phase also observed presidential and parliamentary elections and unremitting low mindfulness amongst the investors concerning the financial markets. Despite the deterioration, the financial brokerage industry happening recovering during 2016 and has been observing a positive CAGR growth till date. The foremost growth drivers involve the stable positive economic viewpoint of Indonesia, inflow of foreign investment, increasing number of worldwide strategic partnerships by the brokerage firms, lower market capitalization and several others.

However, the Philippines financial market is at present one of the most auspicious financial markets around the South-Asia with very few financial products accessible for trading at recent but will augment in a few years. Trading happenings across Philippines is greatly regulated owing to very stumpy trading volume & moderately fewer trading accounts; most of the brokerage firms deliver the brokerage services at the lowest charge pre arranged by SEC. The players presently charge brokerage fees for equity trading and plan to inflate financial services towards asset management, mutual funds, wealth management, algorithmic trading, top picks and numerous other services that can lure the clients. The industry cultivated at a negative CAGR throughout this period. The entire revenue in the financial brokerage industry observed a climbing trend on account of a lessening in simplification of the tax structure for trading, collective investor’s confidence & political stability across the Philippines during the recent last year.

During the year recent past years, the industry revenue was registered by the local brokerage firms due to the reputable branch network, corporate’s reputation amongst domestic investors, inexpensive pricing for online trading and superiority of services suggested by the Financial Brokerage Client Brokerage Firms. However, the entrance of worldwide brokerage firms and the swelling level of foreign portfolio investment have been pretense a challenge to the ascendancy of resident brokerage firms.

However, the Philippines Financial Brokerage market is bitty in nature. The UBS Securities is the market front runner and has the maximum market share in the Financial Brokerage market across Philippines on the basis of probable equity trading capacity during the recent past years. This was followed by CLSA, Credit Suisse, COL Financial, Deutsche Regis Partners, Maybank ATR Kim, Macquarie Capital and several others. These market players contend in the brokerage market in Philippines on the basis of commissions charged, financial brokerage business models, quality of accompanying services and technology and status.Moreover, advancements in technology will lead to deduction in operational costs, the advantage of which can be passed on to the customers as brokerage firms contend to stay applicable in the market. Therefore, in the near years, it is anticipated that the market of financial brokerage will increase around the globe more effectively over the inflowing duration.

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