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According to the report analysis, Guinea: Country Intelligence Report’ states that the total telecom service revenue in Guinea will reach USD 461 million in 2018, an increase of 3.0% from 2017, which is due to growth in mobile data services, driven by increasing smartphone adoption. The telecom of Guinea involves television, radio, mobile radio and the internet. However, the radio is the most prominent source of information for the population of Guinea, and the only one telecommunication technology which is reaching to the entire country. Moreover, there are no government restrictions on processing to the Internet that the government monitors e-mail or internet chat rooms without judicial mistake. Whereas, the fixed voice and fixed broadband earning will decline during 2018-2023, due to replacement from fixed services to mobile and OTT-based communications, as well as due to the weakening currency. Not only has this, the telecommunication companies of Guinea economy is doing efficient working for dominating the handsome amount of share in this industry in the coming years.

Fixed broadband, fiber, prepaid and postpaid connections, 3G and 4G internets in Guinea are some of the major products in the Guinea telecommunication market. However, 2G will remain the leading mobile technology until year-end 2019, when 3G will overtake 2G. The Guinea is connected to the undersea fiber optic cable off the West African coast and internet speed and reliability has developed and Guinea’s internet speeds are poised to continue developing as more service supplier roll out fiber optic based data service. In the recent trend, some of the service providers now serving fiber optics based service which reflects a wide advancement. With the significant development in the technology of 4G networks most of the segment of Guinea has become more active and efficient with their functioning as the radio was succeeded to cover the major portion of the economy. Mobile smartphones and apps deployed to tackle Ebola, Cellcom Guinea launches 3G+ services are the key developments in the Guinea economy.

Effective development in the telecommunication segment of Guinea will lead to wide investment and greeting new opportunities for both such as consumers and key players. Moreover, with the significant development in the technology of telecommunication, the mobile data will be fastest growing revenue sector, expanding at a CAGR of 10.6% through 2018-2023 to achieve USD 145 million by the years-end of 2023. This is operating by rising smartphone adoption, gaining 3G subscription and the expected to launch of 4G services in the economy during 2019. Moreover, the huge deployment of the fiber-optic national broadband backbone will serve numerous opportunities for infrastructure vendors, and the introduction of 4G facilities in 2019 will serve opportunities for operators and investors likely.

MTN Guinea, Orange Guinea, Cellcom, Intercel and others are the major key players of telecom services in the Guinea whereas MTN Guinea is doing efficient role in the in this market and make the market more competitive and attractive which significantly attract the numerous investors which who are supporting the market financially. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming years the Guinea telecom market will grow more significantly over the decades with the more development in the technology of telecom.

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