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According to the report analysis, ‘Construction: Top Five Trends For 2019 And Beyond’ states that in the present era the construction industry is experiencing change. Robotics, new technology, green buildings, prefabrication, and consolidation are trends leading players must stay ahead of in the near future to be prosperous. Moreover, the construction industry, pursuing being upgraded and updated with the new latest technologies and whilst changing the future of the construction industry. Having been blamed for being reticent to diversify, construction is now ripe for advancement. The key players will significantly increase the usage of technology to improve the efficiency of operations, allowing them to make more with the same resources. In the near future, for making the construction industry more attractive the investors and key players are investing millions of pounds for maintaining, restoring, and fixing the buildings, tunnels, and bridges annually. Therefore, in the near future, with the significant investment, the market for construction will rise in a more positive manner.

The key players are doing an efficient job for enhancing the market of construction and with this development, a transparent aluminum material introduces which is a bullet-proof and made out of aluminum oxynitride moreover, that is just breaking through the construction market and adds a futuristic feel to buildings. Whereas, with the more developed the virtual reality and augmented reality is another technology which is gaining more attention of consumers and make the construction market more effective. Furthermore, the construction firms will also have to alter to changing government policies which are equipment towards sustainability and the trends are changing the structure of the market and key players much modify to keep up. Not only has this, the technology of robots or autonomous drones are programmed on the sites of construction which make the work more attractive and less time with fewer efforts and labor moreover, this technology also reduces the cost which is very much important in this industry. The robots are manufactured with the sensors which are very much helpful to detect the presence of other robots so that they can work together and effectively.

In the future of the Construction Market, the 3D printed houses are a glimpse and it will include creating parts off-site and manufacturing the building on another occasion. Moreover, it could be a great solution for quick awning the housing needs of mankind who have been influencing by physical disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and several other. Furthermore, the printing concrete on Construction site is not a new technique, but it is one that is now moving towards becoming a business reality, likely modifying modern day building sites. The benefits of standard erection have been known about for a very long time. Now the profession case for widespread use of the building techniques is approaching the point at which prefabricated buildings have a bright future. However, the latest technologies are building the satisfaction of prefabricated easier to access, and changing the manner of construction market amalgamate prefab into the process. Therefore, it is expected that in the near future the market construction will grow more significantly over the decades with the more development and new innovations in the applications of upcoming technology in 2019.

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