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The electronic components market in the United States is segmented into active electronic components, passive electronic components and electromechanical components. Industrial electronic components are used to affect electrons in an electronic system. Active components produce energy in the form of current or voltage and passive components store that energy in the form of current or voltage. Active electronic components are semiconductors, diodes, transistors, vacuum tubes, display technologies, optoelectronic devices and others. Diodes conduct electricity in one direction and transistors are used to amplify and switch electronic signals in an electronic system. Vacuum tubes comprise of photo tubes, X-Ray tubes, cathode ray tube, phototube, magic eye tube and others. Also the display technologies include vacuum fluorescent display, LED, LCD, and Plasma display. Optoelectronic devices comprise of Opto-Isolator, Opto-Coupler, Photo-Coupler and others.

There is a growing demand of high-tech electronic products in United States such as digital cameras, gaming consoles that are contributing to the growth of electronic industry and a positive growth in the active electronic components market. Active electronic components are used in semiconductor, healthcare, manufacturing, and consumer electronics such as in computer aided systems, internet of things (IoT), automated technologies which are the major driving factors of active electronic components market.

The leading competitors in the Active Electronic Components Market in United States are Texas Instruments, Inc., Analog Devices, Inc., Maxim Integrated and others. Active Electronic Components include Semiconductors (Diodes & Triodes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits, Detectors & Emitters), Optoelectronic Devices (Opto-Isolator, Opto-Coupler, Photo-Coupler among others), Display Technologies (LCD, LED among others), Vacuum Tubes (Cathode, X-Ray among others) and others. The end users of Active Electronic Components are Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, and others. A study indicates that North America is dominating the active electronic component market due to increasing awareness of high-tech devices, increased requirement of miniaturization, developments of auto electronics, economic development, growing digitization, rapid industrialization and many more.

The electronic components market in United States is consistently developing and expanding at a rapid pace. A constant need for reinvention and diversification increases the importance of electronic components market due to high disposable income, increasing dependence on home, office and healthcare automation, need for digitization and portability across industries and growing demand for consumer electronics are the main factors affecting the electronic component market.

Aerospace, defense, healthcare, medical devices and telecommunications sectors are simultaneously growing in the field of electronic devices market demanding for sophisticated electronic components. In United States, the electronic components are used in the products such as, technology type and applications of the device. Cameras, musical recording, GPS navigators, recorders, video-media players, play-back devices, phones, smartphones, computers, laptop, calculators, game consoles, and many more products involved in this market.

There are 14 sub-types of passive electronic components such as capacitors (Ceramic, Aluminum, Tantalum, DC Film and AC Film Capacitors), resistors(Thick Film Chip, Network and Array, Nichrome Metal Film, Tin-Oxide, Wirewound, Thin Film, Carbon Film),  inductors (Horizontal Wirewound Inductors), Wirewound Chip Coil inductors, ferrite beads and bead arrays; multilayered chip inductors, axial and radial leaded inductors, ferrite cores, and thin film inductor chips.

The leading competitors in the United States electronic components market are ABB, AEC, API Technologies, AVX Corporation, Eaton, Datronix, Hamlin, Fujitsu Component and FCI Electronics. With the increase in the population in the United States there is a great demand for more innovative electronic products with indirectly need the electronic components which represent an ever growing market

The growing population in the United States is directly affecting the growing electronic needs of the population. The electronic components market in the United States will witness a drastic growth with the growing innovative and technological electronic products.

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