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Earnin is a financial services company enabling hourly, salaried, and on-demand workers to withdraw funds in advance of payday, through its Earnin mobile app. Earnin believes that there should be no reason for people to wait for their salaries till their paydays and that their salaries should be accessible whenever they desire to since people have worked these hours and they need to have control over when to get paid. It is very sufficient to pay bills since overdrafts and late fees can rack up fees, which is what Earning provides preventive solutions for. Earnin uses strict security measures such as 256-bit encryption to protect the privacy and security of your information. This level of security is equal to, or even higher than, what many online banks use. Their servers are hosted in secure locations and regularly undergo security audits. Many top companies in the US use Earnin to pay salaries to their employees.

In a recent analysis, Earnin found that Americans who are paid biweekly are more likely to use Earnin than the ones who are paid weekly. It also observed that these workers paid bi-weekly earned higher than the average income. It was also observed that the people who were paid weekly were able to cover the unforeseen expenses easier than the ones paid bi-weekly. Many Americans live from pay check to pay check and very few have savings to bail them from emergencies. As a result of this, may contribute to late fees and overdrafts that could have been avoided if they were allowed to access their salaries whenever they wanted to. The flexibility of pay is one norm which all Americans prefer but is seldom used and underexplored. Technology and innovations in FinTech have encouraged new financial services, simultaneously increasing is people’s lack of awareness. With digital payments innovations like Earnin, people are assured of their money at need and convenience. The current system is unbalanced and innovative platforms and apps should enable everyone to access their finances easily and reduce their dependability on loans, which is the path Earnin has explored.

Ken Research’s FinTech profile Earnin gives insights into the fintech strategies used by Earnin. The report gives key insights of the company, its business description, accelerator programs, partnerships, and other in-house launches. The key companies that Earnin has partnered for its technological and commercial expansions are Shop Your Way, Uber, Ribbit Capital, Matrix Partners, and March Capital Partners.

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