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Doing investment in the knowledge pays the best ROI (Return on Investment) and with this the education industry has been undergoing with the more innovations and significant development in the learning techniques. Technology is totally changing the manner we teach and learn at a significant speed. Moreover, peer teaching is one of the most prominent and effective way of teaching the students and it offers a stage of knowledge sharing among the different ability students, besides harboring healthy competition.  Peering teaching has been implemented with students of all ages and levels in all subject areas. According to the report analysis, ‘Market Research Reports For Educationsuggests that peer teaching is not a new concept and students can receive more time for individualized learning. Moreover, the peer teaching is a financially efficient alternative to hiring more staff members and teachers receive more time to attention on the next lesson.

The effective educational approach of peer teaching is for nursing students and has been used in nursing as an adjunct to support learning in clinical practice. Moreover, the study results add to the literature supporting the use of peer teaching approach in nursing training practical education. Moreover, beside B-schools, this method is now widely used at all levels of education irrespective of boards, affiliation, curriculum and others. Furthermore, with the regular peer teaching sessions, students start to transform better and grasp better knowledge of the concepts, tend to be more disciplined, display maturity and also turn better communication skills. Not only has this, the interesting aspect of peer teaching is that students tend to respond more attentively when one of them dons the mantle of the teacher. Moreover, the peer tutors in special education can be effective teaching method for all students involved as the peer teaching helps the students build relationships, which builds communications and skills and the students who are disable get more individual attention than one teacher can provide on their own.  According to the report analysis, ‘Education Industry Research And Market Reportsstates that with the introduction of peer teaching program majorly help the students who are disable and their typical peers may be an effective and efficient way to boom the academic achievement.

In the developing countries the peer teaching is expected to grow more by the time and rising trend in the global education industry is expected to grow with the establishment of the education organization for peer teaching. In the Asia Pacific region, this peer teaching is growing and results in the establishment of education institutions with more development in the technology. Moreover, with the more development in the technology and infrastructure of educational institutions slightly decrease the use of chalks, blackboards and others. In addition, new government education institutions and existence of numerous key players around the globe especially in America and Asia Pacific region introduce more innovative educational institutions for peer teaching. Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that the education industry will grow rapidly over the decades with the more effectiveness in the peer teaching and availability of educated peer tutors.

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