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Marketing plays a very vigorous role in any organization. It distinguishes one organization from others and benefits to establish that organization as an efficacious brand. Advertising or brand promotion is one of the significant ingredients for any successful marketing strategy. Accurate advertising strategy revolves around target audience. If the advertising or promotional events are not reaching to the target spectators, the results might be catastrophic. In short, advertising or promotional strategies can make or break an organization. This is the aim why an organization takes advertising decisions very carefully.

Earlier, advertising approaches were simpler. Advertisements or brand promotions were placed in print media, mostly in the newspapers and magazines amongst others. The levels of reach for such mediums were little. The costs linked were high. Most prominently, it was not certain whether the message will be transported to right audience or not. With the fruition of the Internet or World Wide Web, technologies and advertising strategies better-quality. As the reach of Internet increased, it appeared as a strong communication medium which has stouter reach and lower costs as associated with print media.

Online Advertising Market has emerged as a very durable marketing or promotional strategy. As declared, the reach is enormous, and it is now easier to reach the target audience. Throughout the initial introductory phase, search was the only format which acknowledged very high traction, but with time, organizations moved toward more collaborative advertising formats such as display ads, video, and now to mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is one of the wildest increasing advertising mediums in this internet advertising market and has auspicious future.

The effective growth in technological advancements coupled with growing digital spending by enterprises is projected to propel the Online Advertisement Industry over the forecast duration. Over the years, technological innovations concerning to the internet, combined with its growing commercial use and the speedily propelling the number of internet users worldwide, have not only shaped the evolution of the online advertising and produced dissimilar forms of digital advertising but have also given growth to new advertising business models and new market levels and players.

Additionally, there are dissimilar advertisements for mobile devices, involving the click to download, click to call, image text, and banner ads. Moreover, based on the Online Advertising Market Report, the consumers broadly prefer smartphone devices over laptops or desktops, due to convenience and portability. Similar operations can be functioned on the former, due to which mobile platforms are projected to grow lucratively.

Asia Pacific is projected to register proficient growth over the forecast duration. The region is characterized by a high population density, propagation of smartphones, and continued rollout of high-speed data networks. Not only has this, a large proportion of smartphone users in the region is retrieving social media through their mobile devices. Hence, the region proposes the immense opportunities for online advertising. Promotional events, such as the Digital Marking Summit Asia, proposing the market players a chance to present their digital marketing software solutions in the Asia Pacific region are also predicted to influence the market in the region.

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