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Digital game is a set of rules and goals, which is abstracted by digital medium. It is a system that facilitates a computer and a human to interact as a set of both explicit and implicit rules. Digital games are majorly controlled by computer processor and played on a digital or electronic device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and computers etc. Moreover the digital gaming has now become the most important sector of entertainment and media industry. It provides virtual environment and educational methods for students.

Digital gaming helps more than, playing using software running on PCs, consoles, or on the portable devices. It not only includes an extensive range of cultural and media practices, other than those intended specifically to be played, but also comprises of practices that provide pleasures derived from playful tinkering with digital technologies.

According to study, “China Digital Gaming Market (2018-2023)” some of the major companies that are currently working in the China digital gaming market are Tencent Holding Ltd.,Shanda, NetEase, 37 Interactive, Kongzhong.

Digital gaming is useful in learning new concepts and technologies. It also develops new thinking and practical awareness to users. Some of the major about the digital gaming include ability to maintain visual attention, improve visual search performance, improves task switching & reaction speeds, persistence while facing the difficult tasks and multiple object tracking etc. Apart from advantages, some of the major challenges include impulsiveness, depression & anxiety, sleep problems, aggressiveness, pain in back (shoulder and neck) and worse physical health etc.

Based on the platform, the digital gaming market is segmented into mobile games, PC games and console games. Mobile games are played on tablets (android enabled tablets and iPads) and smart-phones. PC games include web games on personal computer, with the help of internet browser or social networks. In addition, console games are played on xbox, play stations and Nintendo etc.

The market of digital gaming is mainly driven by increasing the number of games and new technological advancement followed by rise in use of smart-phones, growing youth and government regulations significantly supporting the growth of market.

The digital gaming market is growing increasingly due to the popularity of mobile games and eSports in China. There are 600 million users or gamers in the country. Country does not prefer non-Chinese companies to enter China’s gaming market due to several restrictions, local preferences and censorship. All local users spend their money on mobile gaming and PC gaming. Mobile gaming is the major growing segment in digital gaming due to the continuous improvement in hand-held devices, the dawn of internet in mobiles and accessing entertainment anytime. Apple’s mobile app store is another major factor of growth of mobile gaming segment in country.

By the end of 2018, mobile games are projected to overtake PC games. China is the major provider to growth of digital gaming, in the world. Its gaming market is self-sufficient, leading to major growth factor of the market. Nowadays new technologies have developed with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which will be responsible for higher growth opportunities in near future.  It is expected that the digital gaming market will be grown increasingly through the forecast period of 2018-2023.

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