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Chrome plating is a technique of electroplating, a slim layer of chromium onto a metal object. It is done for decoration, cleaning procedures, corrosion resistance, to increase surface hardness and others. Chrome plating process is a very toxic procedure which comprises of degreasing to remove heavy soiling, removal of all residual traces of dirt, applications of various pre-treatment depending on the substrate, chrome metal is allowed to warm to solution temperature for any application at a required time to attain desired thickness. Moreover, the extensive use of chrome plated metal powder in electronics resulted in the growth of the market rapidly. Based on the product type, the classification of chrome plated metal powder is done in the market which includes metal chromium powder and electrolytic chromium powder. The application of the chrome plated metal powder has been split in the market on the basis of usage of the product in the various industries such as aerospace, electronics and welding material, alloy and others.

In Europe region, the demand for chrome plated metal powder is majorly between the countries which are producing electronics and welding materials. However, with the increase in demand some of the major key players will invest more for upgrading the technology and usage of chrome plated metal powder in the coming years. According to the report analysis, ‘Europe Chrome Plated Metal Powder Industry and Prospects Research Report’ some of the major companies which are currently operating in this field in a very effective manner for a significant growth in the market includes DELACHAUX Group, EXO Tech, POLEMA, GFE, MidUral Group, Global Metal Powders, Bell Group, Kohsei, Hascor, TRITRUST INDUSTRIAL, Loudishi Dajin Xincailiao, Zegen Metals&Chemicals Limited, Jayesh Group, Shanghai CNPC Powder Material, Jinzhou New Century Quartz, Jayu Optical Material and others. Whereas, with the increase in the demand all the leading players are increasingly focusing on developing new products that exhibit long-term reliability.

The usage of chrome plated metal powder in aerospace and in other industries has led to the market growth positively increasing in the current scenario in the Europe region. Geographically, due to significant use of chrome plated metal powder in electronics and huge usage in aerospace the market will grow rapidly in the coming years and it will spread across the Europe such as Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. Aggressively, in the coming years it is expected that Europe is going to acquire huge share in this industry with more advancement in technology and smart financial support from the new entrants. Whereas, Aerospace is the largest consumer of chrome plated metal powder. Moreover, with improved lifestyle of the Europe region, the electronics and welding segment is expected to grow further which will result in the increasing demand and growth to the market of chrome plated metal powder in a significant manner in both developed and developing countries. The electronic segment is the major user of chrome plated metal powder and development in the trends will lead to significant growth over the next few years with more new policies and improved strategies for the manufactures.

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