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A significant increase in the disposable income leads to an increase in the usage of the PVC pipe in the building and for other commercial use. Additionally, with the more developed in the technology of product making, the pipe and valve industry is growing rapidly and make the market more attractive with the products for the consumers. According to the report analysis, ‘Pipe And Valve Market Forecast states that the PVC product of this industry is growing rapidly as the PVC is the world’s third–most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer after polypropylene and polyethylene. Moreover, the increased focus of government on rural water management supports the demand for PVC pipes in India. Additionally, PVC pipes are appropriate in drain-waste-vent (DWV), water mains, conduit, irrigation, sewers, water service line and other industrial installations. With the various applications of the PVC pipes, the demand of the product is going to increase rapidly which results in the market growth of the pipe and valves more significantly.

A surge in the demand for pipes in the irrigation sector is the major driving factor for India PVC pipes market whereas, the building and construction sector is also a significant driver sector of this PVC pipe and leads to the effective growth to the pipe and valve market. Inversely, increase in the awareness towards the clean water supply in the underdeveloped countries and a significant increase in investment in the developing regions of the country are predicted to enable the growth opportunities for the market. According to the report analysis, ‘Pipe And Valves Industry Overview’ states that East India is the utmost region to drive the need for the PVC pipe product and owing to the growth of the pipe and valves industry with the more developed in the product. Moreover, it is expected that the Indian plastic pipe demand for PVC is likely to anticipate the highest market growth in the coming years and the usage of PVC pipes are the major raw material in the building construction and the irrigation sector.

Not only has this, in a research, but it is also predicted that the agriculture and wastewater applications of the PVC pipe are the major growth drivers in the forecasted period and make the effective market of pipe and valve across the regions of the INDIA.  With the increase in the commercial construction and increase in the infrastructure development especially in the agriculture sector in India is expected to significant growth in the PVC pipe product of the pipe and valve industry.

East India is popularly known for tea cultivation, which requires a potable water supply, which rise the need for PVC pipes, as these pipes are significantly used to irrigate tea plantation. In the Eastern region the steady growth in the urbanization, whereas it is expected an increase in the demand for PVC pipes which makes the pipe and valves market more competitive as well as attractive. In addition, the advancement in the infrastructure is predicted to surge the need for PVC pipes in the region.

Supreme Pipes, Finolex Industries Ltd., Utkarsh India, Prince Piping System, Captain Pipes, Durton Group, Ori-plast, Aashirvad Pipes, Astral pipes and others are the major key players of the PVC pipes in the India pipe and valves industry. Whereas, National Pipes & Plastics, Adequate Water Solutions, REHAU, Uponor, Radius Systems Ltd., Maxichem and others are the leading players which are dominating huge market share in this industry across India and make the market more competitive and attractive. Moreover, with the high competitiveness, the market will grow more significantly for the pipe and valve industry over the decades as the new investors are supporting the market financially and doing more research & development programs for enhancing the usage of the PVC pipes in the construction and irrigation sector.

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