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According to the report analysis, ‘Fintech Profile: Klarna’ states that Klarna is a tech bank that serves the facility of advanced payment solutions for merchants and shoppers. In addition, the key players of Klarna are doing effective job who make the facilities more prominent between the shoppers and merchants. Klarna’s smart phone first checkout solution is to improve and smooth-running process between their customers and retailers. Moreover, Klarna builds it simpler for customers to purchase online as it is in-store. This solution manages combination of all the payment infrastructure and manager for the retailers. It significantly increase the conversion rates for the sellers by serving customers a ‘one click to buy’ checkout solution that supervise all the problems or risks related to the transaction and in the recent trend the consumers can buy much faster and retailers always get paid.

In a research is it observed that Klarna has so far completed six funding rounds from investors including Sequoia Capital, Atomico, General Atlantic, and Institutional Venture Partner. The introduction of finTech in the Klarna makes the payment easier and allows anyone to process the information more accurately and quickly between the retailer and the consumers. In addition, there are some companies which are functioning actively in this sector which includes Visa, Permira, American Express, Shopify, Maplin and others. Not only has this, this report also provide relevant information related to Klarna which includes the offering products and beneficial information related to the company, information on acquisitions, funding, partnerships and awards it received, Biography of the top management and the detailed intuitions into its business performance, revenue model, technology, target market and geographical presence. Moreover, the revolution of FinTech cannot be ignored and the exponential change of the technological environment which offers the better experience to the financial sector which makes the payment easier and reliable between the shoppers and merchants.

The establishment of FinTech transforms this sector completely into the digitalization and could transform the supply chains for key players and banks and totally eliminate the importance of a Central intermediary to do money transfer. With the FinTech, this industry can drive performance by using the technology to increase the speed of the transaction and efficient transparency. Moreover, with this FinTech technologies the frauds can also be detect with a very high degree of accuracy. The FinTech technological facilities drive the growth of the Klarna across the globe such as Europe, Sweden and others by running a market place of an online credit platform that enables people to borrow money. Moreover, the Klarna focus to transform parts of retail banking with the FinTech technology and has played an important role in disrupting payments services for the better.

With the more development in the technology of FinTech the company of Klarna has become more prominent between the merchant and shoppers whereas, the technology evolved excited and transformed the world around everyone. Therefore, in the coming years the company of Klarna will be become more effective and lead to significant growth over the recent years.

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