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The report titled India Beer Market Outlook to 2023 – By Type (Strong, Mild and Craft Beer), By Region (North, South, West and East), By Gender (Male and Female) and By Distribution (State/Government Corporations, Distributors and Retailers)provides information on overview of the beer market in India, India beer market size by revenue and by sales volume, India beer market segmentation by Beer Type (Strong, Mild and Craft Beer), By Region (North, South, West and East), By Gender (Male and Female) and By Distribution Channel (State/Government Corporations, Distributors and Retailers). The report also covers competition landscape, trends and developments, issues and challenges, end user analysis and government regulations pertaining to beer market in India. The report concludes with future outlook of beer market in India and certain recommendations highlighting the success factors for entering and expanding in the market. This report will particularly help the readers to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in upcoming years. The report is useful for beer manufacturing companies, beer industry associations, government and regulatory authority and investors and VC’s.

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India Beer Market Size and Overview

The beer market in India is currently in its growth stage. The market evolved from manufacturing usual beer products such as strong- lager beers to flavored beers owing to adoption of trends and technologies from markets such as America and Europe. Today, there is presence of more than 140 beer brands in Indian beer market, which could address the palate of each customer segment. The per capita beer consumption in India is still very low compared to other countries in Asia Pacific region and therefore the market could witness huge growth in the coming years owing to factors such as shift from hard liquor to beer consumption by consumers in India, increase in disposable income, change in societal perspective and others.

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Market Segmentation

By Beer Type (Strong, Mild and Craft Beer)

Strong beer market was witnessed to dominate India beer market during FY’2018. It is estimated that lager beer (with alcohol content more than 5%) is generally preferred the most in the market followed by Wheat beer, Stout & Porters, Ale, Sahiti and others. The remaining market was collectively captured by mild and craft beer they seemed to have high growth potential in the market with first time alcohol drinkers preferring to consume mild beer or craft beer to get the acquired taste of beer for frequent consumption.

By Gender (Male and Female)

It was observed in India beer market in FY’2018, that men have a greater share in the consumption pattern across India owing to higher consumption per capita among men compared to women, other reason is, in many regions, men are the only bread winners for their family and with much more financial independence, they have more financial capability to spend on their lifestyle choices as compared to women.

By Type of Distribution Channel (State/Government Corporations, Distributors and Retailers)

The distribution of beer in India is still controlled by state/government corporations owing to stricter regulations across various states in India so to have better control over prices, consumption and excise duty. It was also observed in the market that emergence of modern retail outlets and hypermarkets across various metropolitan areas has increased the convenience of beer consumers who would like to purchase beer for their personal consumption

By Regional Sales (North, South, East and West)

The Southern and western regions in India were witnessed to dominate the country’s beer market in FY’2018 in terms of sales volume. One of the main reasons for their dominance was that, majority of the states in these regions do not have winter season and has either humid or summer season prevailing for most of the months in an year, which acts as another factor for increased beer consumption in these states.. On the other hand, north and east side states grabbed the remaining market during FY’2018.

Competitive Landscape in India Beer Market

Competition stage in the country’s beer segment was witnessed to be concentrated major 3 players in terms of sales volume in FY’2018.  Companies compete on the basis of product variants product quality and distribution network, brand value and promotion strategies. Some of the major players operating within this segment include UB Group, Carlsberg and Anheuser-Busch InBev and other players include Molson Coors, Mohan Meakin, White Rhino, B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd, Arbor Brewing Company India, Gateway Brewing Company and others. Pricing, brand value as well as marketing strategies adopted by a particular company are considered as of high importance in order to reach a wider target audience in the country.

India Beer Market Future Outlook and Projections

Over the forecasted period, India beer market will witness various acquisitions, entry of new players and brands, and tie-ups which will drive this market further towards growth. It is expected that the demand for premium beer will rise in the future with an increase in personal disposable income and higher living standards. It is also expected that most of the state governments will start to delink beer taxation from IMFL soon on the basis of alcohol content paving the way for rational growth in the market. Both in terms of revenues and sales volume, the market is expected to attain high growth over the forecast period over the forecast period FY’2018-FY’2023E.

Key Segments Covered:

By Beer Type:

  • Strong Beer
  • Mild Beer
  • Craft Beer

By Region (Demand):

  • North
  • South
  • West
  • East

By Gender (Consumer Profile):

  • Male
  • Female

By Distribution Channel:

  • State/Government Corporation
  • Distributors
  • Retailers

Key Target Audience:

  • Beer Manufacturing Companies
  • Spirit Manufacturing Companies
  • Industry Associations
  • Government and Regulatory Authority
  • Investors and VC’s

Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period – FY’2013-FY’2018
  • Forecast Period – FY’2018-FY2023E

(FY refers to fiscal year ending 31st March of every year; E refers to Estimated Numbers)

Companies Covered:

  • United Breweries Ltd.
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd
  • Mohan Meakin Limited
  • B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd
  • Other Prominent Craft Beer Manufacturers in India


Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Research Methodology
  • India Beer Market Overview and Genesis
  • India Beer Market Size, FY’2013-FY’2018
  • India Beer Market Segmentation, FY’2018
  • Snapshot on Craft Beer Market in India
  • Trends and Developments in India Beer Market
  • Issues and Challenges in India Beer Market
  • Competitive Landscape in India Beer Market
  • Company Profiles of Major Players in India Beer Market
  • India Beer Market Future Outlook and Projections, FY’2018-FY’2023E
  • Analyst Recommendation in India Beer Market

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