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Industry Overview: Private households market consists of households engaged in employing workers on or about the premises for various household activities. Individuals are employed such as cooks, maids, nannies, butlers, and outside workers, such as gardeners, caretakers, and other maintenance workers. Private households industry majorly consists of domestic service such as baby-sitting, domestic service, private estates, non-commercial farmhouses, private households employing personal affairs management, and non-commercial residential farms. This industry comprises of individuals and not companies. Globally, general house workers accounted for a major share of jobs and the rest of the workforce are engaged in child care. The report titled “Private Households Global Market Report 2018 Including: In-house Workers; Outside Workers”, provides a comprehensive analysis of private households market, work of private households market, demand for private households market, geography, and future of private households market.

The need for household workers has increased drastically over the recent years due to more women with children are entered the workforce. Also, there is an increase in the aging population, who often required private attendants or companions. Generally, private households industry has a simple employer and employee relationship, with one or more employers per household worker compare to a large house with sizable staff, butler or head housekeeper and other workers. It was observed that some private household employees contract with placement agencies that act as a partial employer, who in turn offer benefits to the workers and acting as a medium between employer and employee.

All the general house workers are responsible for duties such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning fixtures, cleaning ovens, cleaning bathrooms, cooking and childcare. Few workers are employed on hourly and casual bases that are usually referred to as baby-sitters. Nannies are employed on a regular, ongoing basis and are in charge of infants. Tutors or governesses are workers in charge of older children. Companions or personal attendants are household workers who assist the elderly or disabled. They also generally prepare meals and light housework, depending on the person’s needs, may also help in bathing and dressing.

Asia Pacific accounts for a largest share in the global private household market and the USA is the largest country in the global private household market. Geographically, the global property insurance companies are spread across Americas, APAC, EMEA and ROW. Zero-hours contracts are popular in UK due to consumers’ flexibility and demands which are known as casual contracts. This enables companies to employ staff without giving work guarantee and a little notice before shifts.

Domestic workers have existed for years due to increasing demand for work and industrialization. Private household industry demand was easily met by the vast number of immigrants in various countries. Experienced and highly recommended workers in the private household industry are employed by wealthy families in major metropolitan areas with various benefits. Majority of the private household workers receive very limited or no benefits. With the global robust economy, private households industry has witnessed a drastic growth over the recent years.

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Global Private Households Market

Global Private Households Market Analysis

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Global Private Households Market Report

Global Private Households Market Geography

Global In-house Workers Market

Private Households Market Size

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