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The report titled “China Advanced Composites Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, provides a comprehensive analysis of Chinese advanced composites industry, various types of composites, uses and applications of advanced composites materials, leading players, glass fiber market in China and future of advanced composites industry in China. There is an increasing demand for advanced composites materials for a wide array of applications such as aerospace, wind power, transportation, sports goods, ship manufacturing, civilian use, electrical use, electronics use, medical use and other applications. Advanced composites materials are used in lightweight aircraft manufacturing and also enhances its fuel efficiency.  These materials have high stiffness abrasion resistance properties that propel their usage in the manufacture of various aircraft components like air wings, rudders, and landing gears. Leading manufacturing giants like Boeing and Airbus are using advanced composites materials to reduce the overall weight of the plane, safety and increase its fuel efficiency. It was observed that there is an increasing adoption of nanomaterials for the manufacture of advanced composite materials because they enhance the performance of the composites, particularly in single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT). Majority of the manufacturers are employing new resin systems that help in reducing the cost of production, improve performance and durability of the products. The various resins in the advanced composites industry are Polyester Resin, Vinyl Ester Resin, Epoxy Resin, Polyurethane Resin, Phenolic resin and others.

Leading Players and Glass Fiber Market in China: China’s advanced composites industry market is highly fragmented and competitive due to the presence of a large number of players. The leading players are Toray Industries, Recent Developments, Teijin Limited, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Sgl Group, Koninklijke Ten Cate Bv., Huntsman International, Solvay, Hexcel Corporation, Hexion, E. I. Du Pont Nemours & Co., Owens Corning, Basf Se, Gurit, Agy, Dowaksa, Honeywell International, Advanced Composites, Renegade Materials Corporation, Kineco-Kaman, Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa, Gaffco Ballistics, Nippon Graphite Fiber and Plasan Carbon Composites. Almost all the manufacturers offer innovative products at attractive prices and provide a wide of range of products that include carbon, glass, and aramid fiber-based composites. China’s advanced composites industry market is segmented into glass, carbon and aramid. Glass fiber segment is the largest segment of the market because there is an increasing consumption of glass fibers in various applications like transportation, marine, and wind energy. Glass fibers are used as alternative materials to metals and plastics as they help in controlling emissions and reduce the weight of automobiles. It was observed that there will be a huge demand for e-glass fibers in the next few years in the advanced composites materials market.

China’s stringent regulations towards the emission of green house gases, carbon dioxide emissions, and other harmful pollutants has led to a demand for advanced polymer composites in the automotive industry. The increasing demand for lightweight and high-performance materials is the major factor contributing towards the advanced polymer composites market. Lightweight and high-performance materials are used in many industries due to its special characteristics such as energy saving, wear resistance properties and used as thermal conductive materials in high friction applications. Advanced composite materials are the most preferred high-performance materials due its properties high-temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, non-conductivity, and increased fuel efficiency.

Future of advance composites market in China: China’s advanced composites market will witness a drastic growth by the year 2020. It is estimated that the advanced composites market in China will witness a significant growth over the next few years. China’s economic crisis will affect the advance composites market industry negatively but due to superior performance of advanced composite materials, demand, quantity and applications the market may grow steadily. It was observed that there will be a tremendous growth in the fields of construction, transportation, electrical electronics, aerospace, defence, and marine which will maintain a healthy growth. This trend will witness a tremendous growth in the Chinese advanced composite market over the next few years.

Key topics covered in this report:

  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Market
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Market Analysis
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Market Opportunities
  • Resins in Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Market
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Market Forecast
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Applications
  • Fiber Glass in Chinese Advanced Composites Industry
  • E-Fiber Glass in Chinese Advanced Composites Industry
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Trends
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Demand
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Import
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Trade
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Industry Major Suppliers
  • Chinese Advanced Composites Manufacturing

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