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According to the study “Variety Stores in Argentina”, Carrefour Express is a leading chain of private label variety store in Argentina. It offers 1,300 various products that are part of consumers’ basic food needs. Carrefour Express hypermarkets and supermarkets offer constant promotions on weekends for consumers who purchase more than one unit of the same product. Carrefour Express in Argentina has almost 400 outlets and is very successful from almost a decade. Carrefour Express existence is very strong such that it is very complicated for other companies or brands to enter the variety store market. Jumbo and Walmart initiated few outlets which are much smaller stores compared with Carrefour Express.

Variety stores are also known as retail stores that display and sell various everyday items such as groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers, magazines and many more. Few variety stores are licensed to sell alcohol, beer and wine along with money order and wire transfer services. These variety stores are sometimes a part of gas or petrol stations so that customers can purchase any desired goods conveniently during fuel filling. Variety stores are located at densely populated areas offering super low prices, and special offers on festive days that boost sales. Variety stores are found in the main commercial zones on the streets and sell a variety of products ranging from toys to cooking items or decor items.

Argentina consumers are interested in country branded products as the overall quality has improved and are at affordable prices. It was observed that other stores are offering more discounts and luring consumers away from the variety store which is slowing down sales and demand. The decrease in the consumers’ disposable income is one major reason where consumers are opting for cheaper wholesale chains such as Vital, Diarco, Maxiconsumo and Makro. These stores attract consumers with a mix of cheaper products than those found in variety stores. E-retailing has witnessed a drastic growth over the recent years and Argentinean consumers find it easy to order products online. The variety stores market in Argentina will witness a slow growth over the next few years due to the popularity of internet retailing.

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