A jump of 12% was witnessed in the Budget Allocation towards infrastructural development in Philippines Medical education Market in 2020.Will the allocation propel growth in the market? :Ken Research


The government of Philippines plans to improve the healthcare infrastructure by allocating $3.2 billion to the health sector in 2020, an increase of 12% from the budget for 2019, says a report by Ken Research

1.“An overview:” A higher concentration of private medical colleges in Philippines when compared to public colleges.

Philippines Medical Education Market Outlook

Recent Trends in Philippines Medical Education Market

Philippines has a shortage of medical doctors hence many initiatives are being taken by the government to increase the inclination of the students towards medical education. With regard to the above issue, a significant reduction in the cost of medical education was one of the step taken by the current president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte as well as introduction of new public medical colleges are also being initiated in order to make medical education accessible & feasible for all classes of the society. Currently, the number of private medical colleges is more than the number of public medical colleges which is attracting private investment specifically from more private entities.

2.“A flexible curriculum:” Philippines has been a Great Environment to Accommodate Students especially International Aspirants

Medical Education Industry in Philippines

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Philippines has shown a very welcoming environment for the foreign students. Clinical practice requires an intensive training program and hence a good communication can be helpful for both the patient and the doctor. Each university can mold it own curriculum based on the approved national schema. Since the country has a low doctor to patient ratio, it brings a great opportunity. Moreover, the issue of poor & underdeveloped healthcare system that was a major issue in the country has been take into consideration with Philippines Health Agenda 2016-22 that includes education for most students in rural areas. All in all, the market holds a flexible environment for international students.

3. The future of Philippines Medical Education holds massive opportunity in terms of profits & broadening of perspective.

Philippines Health Studies Industry

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The Philippines government has already started taking into consideration the shortfalls in the system & various steps are being taken to make it more student & cost friendly. This can be ascertained by the fact that education budget captured the largest proportion of the 2020 budget, to the tune of PHP 690 Bn. It has been noticed that a whole of society approach is required in order to succeed in the transformative scale up of medical education. Moreover, the healthcare budget also saw a jump of 12% with benefits such as universal health coverage being introduced. All in all, the infrastructural development is expected to be an enabler for the medical education & healthcare system in Philippines.

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