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Ken Research’s Fintech Profile: Adyen gives insights of the fintech strategies used by Adyen. The report gives key insights of the company, its business description, revenue model, funding, accelerator programs, partnerships and other in-house launches. The report helps in understanding the biography of the top management and gain insights into their target market and impact. The key companies that Adyen has partnered for its technological and commercial expansions are ICONIQ Capital, General Atlantic, Netflix, eBay and Uber.

Adyen, founded in 2006 aimed to change the existing payment technology which was made up of a patchwork of systems that were outdated in terms of their infrastructure. Adyen, which is Surinamese for ‘Start over again’ started their business by building modern infrastructure relating to card networks and local payment methods. This would allow a unified commerce and shopping insights of customers to merchants to enable in providing personalised recommendations. The platform thus enables merchants in a single system that boosted their revenue growth on electronic devices and at the point of sale. Adyen has its operations in about 15 countries- Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid, Manchester, Mexico City, New York, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney. The company has been expanding its operations and many significant partnerships since 2016.

In 2018, the company listed its share for the public offering in Amsterdam. One of the key partnerships for Adyen has been with eBay earlier in 2018 where eBay replaced PayPal with Adyen as its payment provider. Though the size of PayPal is much bigger than Adyen, eBay went ahead with the partnership due to the lowered costs Adyen will provide to eBay. Adyen’s services would mean more control of finances for its merchants. The technology it uses processes the backend payment services using its technology which means the customers do not interact with Adyen directly. This is opposed to other payment services where the customers have to sign up and register with the provider to avail their services.  The company recently announced how it is the first payments platform to provide a system that offers passive authentication for transactions based on EMVCo’s 3DS 2.0 protocol. This type of authentication helps in analysing more than 100 data points for just one transaction, without any involvement from customers. For stronger transactions, it supports two-factor authentication which includes SMS and biometric verification. This also shows the company’s adaption to the biometric authentication as customers and businesses are becoming wary of security threats posed by passwords and pin codes.

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