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Advances in medical sciences has paved way for more combinations of medical practices towards a biopsychosocial approach. Biopsychosocial approach is where the characteristics of various diseases are studied on a broader view such as biological factors, psychological factors and social factors. Medical sciences deal with human health and illness in the presence or absence of a disease or a state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being. Psychology is a study of human behavioural health and a key to the biopsychosocial practice. It plays an important role in understanding the concept of health and illness. Almost all the clinical psychologists are health providers is varying areas of care giving such as primary, secondary, tertiary care in various subspecialties. Overall, psychologists assess, diagnose, treat psychological problems and the behavioral dysfunctions resulting from, or related to physical and mental health in human beings. They also play a major role in the promotion of healthy behaviour, preventing diseases and improve human quality of life. Majority of the psychologists around the globe work independently, doing research or working only with patients or clients. Few become a part of a healthcare team, collaborating with physicians, social workers, and others to treat illness and promote overall wellness.

The report titled “Psychologists Global Market Report 2018Including: Clinical Psychologists; Counselling Psychologists; Health Psychologists; Others-Psychologists”, provides a comprehensive analysis of biopsychosocial approach, psychologists work and treatment, growth in global psychologists market, geography, major categories, virtual health treatment and future of global psychologists market.

Growth in Psychologists Global Market: The rapid expansion in the application of cognitive approaches to clinical and social problems has led to a huge global demand for clinical psychologists. All the health psychologists around the globe apply psychological research and methods to the prevention and management of disease, the promotion and maintenance of health, identification of psychological factors that contribute to physical illness and strive to improvement health care system. With the advanced in medical sciences, global psychologists are now define as health care rather than mental health care providers. The clinical roles of psychologists in health care are delivery as diagnosticians, therapists, academicians, researchers, and administrators in the age of the biopsychosocial practice. Practice of psychologists in health care needs sophisticated teaching, intensive training, and high professionalism.

Major Categories in Psychologists Global Market and Geography: The major categories covered in the global psychologists market are clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, health psychologists, and other psychologists. Geographically, global psychologists market is spread across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Americas, Middle East and Africa. Global psychologists market is prominent in countries such as Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, UK, USA and Australia.

Online or Virtual Health Treatment in Psychologists Global Market: Consumers’ awareness about mental health problems has encouraged more people to seek help required from a psychologist. Therefore, many of the global consumer’s are opting for online therapy. Increasing wellness-based mobile applications has directed the field of psychology to follow physical health initiatives which has more access with convenient platforms. Virtual health treatment is also known as online therapy, where people feel more comfortable opening up to discussing problems with an online psychologist. Remote and text-based counselling has witnessed popularity in the UK. Almost, all websites allow consumers’ to find a therapist anywhere in the world and users can opt for email, messaging or video calls. is one such website that allows users to remain anonymous and encourages consumers’ who speak less to seek help and address their mental health concerns. Therefore, online counselling is growing in popularity as technology is a part of modern life for millennials across the world.

Future of Psychologists Global Market: Various studies have deduced that virtual therapy is more efficient compare to the traditional therapy and the outcome rate is convenient. Online virtual health treatment can be used through any device with an internet connection, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. Consumers are able to contact psychologists where they are provided with tips for short- and long-term management of distress. Virtual therapy is the evidence that the field of psychology will continue to advance its development of effective treatments and supports increased access to mental health care around the world. Virtual therapy has changed the way psychology therapists and patients use technology and hopefully, more virtual therapy options will emerge in the near future with more people seeking virtual and in-person treatment for their mental health concerns.

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Psychologists Global Market Report

Psychologists Global Market Report Analysis

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Online Psychologists Global Market Report

Online Psychologists Global Market Analysis

Online Psychologists Global Opportunities

Online Psychologists Global Market Forecast

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