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According to the study “Europe Cosmetic Airless Packaging Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, airless packaging is a technology defined as a non-pressurised, tamper-proof dispensing system combining a mechanical activated pump and a container which, after filling and airtight sealing, delivers the product with no air intake. It was observed that there is a huge demand for airless packaging within the cosmetics industry in Europe due to increasing consumption of cosmetics. Various products are sold in the cosmetics sector such as natural skin care creams, serums, foundations and other preservative-free formula creams which are sensitive to exposure. Therefore, airless packaging solutions are widely touted as the new future of cosmetic and beauty packaging.

Cosmetic world is a competitive market place which undergoes continuous changes in various terms. Airless packaging technology has been utilised for items that were mainly produced in jars. Majority of the cosmetic creams are packed in traditional jars, which are unable to prevent it from becoming compromised once the seal has been broken. Preserving and protecting the integrity of any cosmetic product is a challenging task for many manufacturers within the cosmetics industry coupled with packaging. Airless packaging plays an integral role in prolonging the life of products and ensures longevity of delicate products.

Packaging of cosmetics often means creating as tight a seal as possible, to prevent outside elements from interacting with the item product. Many cosmetic creams are packaged in traditional jar formats that are perfectly capable of protecting the product during transport and on shelf, however, are unable to prevent it from becoming compromised once the seal has been broken. In order to value the cosmetic products from contamination, European cosmetic products industry has adopted airless packaging. Nowadays, airless jars, bottles and tubes are few of the most acceptable packaging approaches for skincare and haircare products ensuring consumers that the cosmetic product will be effective to the last drop.

High Purity Pullulan and General Pullulan are the two variants of cosmetic airless packaging available in Europe. Various applications of cosmetic airless packaging in Europe are for shampoos, face mask, skin protective agent and others. Geographically, cosmetic airless packaging market is spread across Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions.  The leading players in cosmetic airless packaging in Europe are Aptar Group, Albea Beauty Holdings, Lumson Spa, HCP Packaging, Quadpack Industries, Libo Cosmetics Company, Fusion Packaging, WestRock, ABC Packaging Ltd, Raepak Ltd, APC Packaging, SUNRISE PUMPS and TYH CONTAINER.

Airless packaging provides manufacturers with enhanced functionality, allowing distributors to cut down on the amount of overall packaging material used. It was observed that there is a zero-wastage advantage presented by airless packaging and is expected to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics sector has provided significant opportunities for airless packaging systems due to premiumisation. Airless packaging industry is likely to stabilize due to increasing environmental concerns. The demand for organic brands coupled with airless technology is neatly aligned with eco-friendly features that distinguish from the regular cosmetic products. Cosmetics industry is witnessing a positive growth towards the greater use of premium packaging in many luxury cosmetic products with greater product appeal. European consumers are attracted towards the development and product innovations within the cosmetics sector. Airless packaging market in Europe is encouraging greener alternatives to conventional plastic airless packaging due to environmental concerns and this trend will continue over the next few years.

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