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The Changing Dynamics of Economy

History and Civilization has quoted scriptures and religious books carrying far sighted visions of Globalization and Revolution. But who would have ever thought of a Catastrophe that could redefine Global Normalcy that had taken eons to materialize since the evolution of Mankind. Covid19 has undoubtedly marked itself as the greatest lethal force that has effortlessly devastated Economy at a global level redefining dynamics of Economic Operations and Human Sustenance. The year 2020 would be a historic year for Posterity offering valuable lessons on World Relations, Organizational Operations and Disaster Management.

With Economy crumbling due to the multi-dimensional adverse effects of the Covid19 Pandemic, a notable Economic malaise that is bound to aggravate the current crisis is Global Unemployment. Organizations across the world are redefining Policies and Operations to ensure successful Sustenance during these trying times. With Job Offers being revoked, employees being laid off, firms getting down sized are the trending Organizational practices to fight adversities of Covid19 impact. This has resulted in a huge pool of Talent available in the Market across Geographies wading through to find their suitable fit. Covid19 has certainly redefined Rules of Recruitment and Hiring for Organizations and Potential Candidates. The Job Market is inundated with Incredible Talent spending crucial time to identify prospective Employers to transform their potential into performance. Albeit Organizations pressing a pause button on hiring at this stage, it would be an advantageous move for organizations to kick start hiring once situations improve significantly to capitalize on the enormous availability of Talent Pool in the market. Recruitment Consultants would be the true saviours during this crucial phase to aid Organizations and Candidates connect with the best suitable employment opportunities.

Any global crisis certainly does not recuperate overnight. It takes a long time for changes to materialize and get internalized. Avenues are always a plenty with the right conviction and focus. As a blessing in disguise, this is also a good time for candidates to upskill talent and upgrade network for successful candidature in the competitive race of Recruitments. It is important for candidates to reassess their strengths and weaknesses to become the ideal hire and recruit. As for organizations and businesses are concerned, it is a good time to realign strategies and rebuild models upon the new normalcy characterized by tough changes. Success stories are often written on walls painted by challenges, difficulties and hardships.

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