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Data Center is a form of value-added service that provides various resources for processing & storing data on a wide scale for organizations. Data centers are mainly characterized as Internet Data Center and Private Data Center. Internet data center is owned & operated by a provider of the telecommunications services by operators of commercial telephony and other types of providers of telecommunications services. Its main aim is to provide numerous types of web hosting, connection services and equipment users. Additionally, private data center is usually owned & operated by private corporations, institutions and government agencies with the key purpose of storing data resulting from the processing operations, procedure and also in applications related to the Internet.

Planning to Build Data Center is a large & complex project that poses a planning or design challenge to most IT departments. Adding to its obscurity is the fact that most IT sectors lack previous experience in the data center build projects.

Selecting right data center is a vital part for your business as your data’s security depends on it.  When you Selecting Data Center, you need to consider following considerations:

Location: Location is a vital factor when selecting your data center. You should try to find a consistent collocation service provider near your business with the minimal chance of natural disaster

Reliability: Reliability is measured in the term of uptime of a data-center, and a reliable data-center should have 99.995% uptime. A collocation provider & business is bound by SLA (Service Level Agreement) that guarantees maximum network uptime, temperature stability and power service. Various data centers provide SLAs as part of their contract, and you require evaluating those carefully before making any decision.

Security: Having an appropriate security system is vital to a data center as it houses all your enterprise data & applications.

Network Service Capacity: All data centers have limit to their capacity without upgrading the infrastructure. Variables like speed, network reliability, and security can give you an idea of how strong the network is built.

Flexibility & Scalability: You may expand your business in future, so you need to ensure whether the current data center is adequate enough to meet long-term business requirements. Also, find out what flexible hosting plans they provide. You should have the ability to scale-up based on your business desires seamlessly.

Apart from this, cloud data services are remote version of data center. Cloud services are specific services that are available via a remote cloud computing server. These scalable services are managed by a third party and provide users with access to the computing services such as analytics and networking via the internet. Cloud services provide powerful benefits for the enterprise, from the greater productivity and enhanced efficiency to considerable cost reductions & simplified IT management. Ken Research provides various cloud services. If you are Seeking Cloud Services, rely on us as we are having various cloud partners’ that offer Iaas, SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS, and several other cloud services.

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